Neel Shivam (LLB) (PDLP) (NZ)

Managing Partner



Neel is the Founder and Managing Partner of Neel Shivam Lawyers.


Neel graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Waikato in New Zealand and obtained his post-graduate Professional Diploma in Legal Studies, from the University of the South Pacific. He was admitted to the High Court of Fiji in 1998.


Neel spent the initial years of his career in private practice as a litigation lawyer.


He was co- counsel in the Chandrika Prasad case, which was hailed as the greatest constitutional case to be ruled on by the Courts of Fiji. This case is known to have given back to Fiji its much acclaimed 1997 Constitution after the 2000 Coup.


One of the first from his peers to establish his own legal practice - Neel Shivam Lawyers, Neel’s objectives of opening a new law firm was to provide his clients with professional and ethical services with a special emphasis on turn-around time.


Neel's primary area of practice now is in real property law. He also practices in and provides services related to administrative banking and finance, company law, foreign investment, and corporate mergers and acquisitions.


Neel has a keen interest in criminal litigation and putters in the Firm's criminal pro-bono work. In 2017, Neel was lead defence counsel in the case of State v Kelevi Tokalau Criminal Case No. HAC 290 of 2015S (27 March 2017). The accused in these proceedings was acquitted of all charges subsequent to a highly acclaimed and followed criminal trial.


In the past, Neel has been a Council Member and the Treasurer of the Fiji Law Society. He has taught law at Central Queensland University, University and University of Fiji.


He is an avid sportsman and fitness freak and is known to participate in marathons and organize social soccer matches between members of the legal fraternity and corporate houses in his leisure time.






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